Companionable internet souls, welcome to the Mass Movement of the Moth download page. For four years this band encompassed a group of friends sharing, exploring, questioning, and continuously breaking down our own personal arbitrary definitions of self expression, only learning to rely on each other to build onto our passions through the celestial medium of music. In doing so we were graced with so many friendly advocates, watchers from our community, that ultimately drove this passion and help create meaningful and enduring bonds that we are all still so fond of. We always wanted to offer all of creations to anyone who would listen, and this page serves as the last step we were always missing. So please, enjoy what we still take a lot of pride with, and be well! With love, Christian, Ashley, Joey, and Adam.

Two Thousand and Six Six Six (2006)

split album with the Catalyst Cover
#PMM-013 / #EHP-032
the Perpetual Motion Machine
the Electric Human Project
released on CD / LP
split album with the Catalyst

02. Hotel Fever
04. Stuck in the Segue
06. The Trickery of Tom Sawyer
08. Swallow the Black Fabric
10. Lightning

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Outerspace (2005 / 2006)

Outerspace Cover
#EXF-025 / #AL-081
Exotic Fever Records
Alone Records
released on CD / LP
01. Idle Minds Speak in Binary
02. Fang
03. Seven
04. Ous We Are
05. Crimps and Ties
06. Riddle Me 666
07. Translucent Insides
08. De-Viced
09. 2:13 AM
10. Crime

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Seven Inches

split EP with Polar Cover
#DDR-002 (2006)
Discern Direction Records
released on 7"
split EP with Polar

A1. Seven (version)
A2. Silence

B1. cgsoms - Polar
B2. Saturation - Polar

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split EP with Sing Sing Prison Cover
#PNR-002 (2005)
Pink Noise Records
released on 7"
split EP with Sing! Sing! Prison

A1. Making the Clouds Bleed - Sing! Sing! Prison
A2. XOXOXOh My God, It's Code - Sing! Sing! Prison

B1. This Potion Knows No Other
B2. Acknowledge

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Finally / Finale / Funally

Finally Cover
#MMM-001 (2004)
Self Released
released on CD-r

01. One (version)
02. Two (version)
03. Three (version)
04. Four (version)
05. Five (version)

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Finale Cover
#AL-074 (2006)
Alone Records
released on CD / 10"

01. One
02. Two
03. Three
04. Four
05. Five

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Funally Cover
#GMB-002 (2005)
released on CS

B1. One (Animal Inside Mix by Sir Ramsey)
B2. Two (Sibling Project Version)
B3. Two (Manip Mix by Tygr! Tygr! and Chromoscope)
B4. Moth Mash-Up (by James Willett)
B5. Three (d.R.O.N.e. to keep the kids off the dance floor by SARS)
B6. Stars (Demo by Christian)
B7. Four (Sword of Freedom Mix by Amplific)
B8. Silence (Demo by Christian)
B9. Four (Live in RVA)

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01. Twenty One (Doubox Recording) - This was a new jam we were working on, I believe originally for Exotic Fever's Compassion Over Killing benefit compilation. We recorded it just for reference during practice in the basement of Lazerbird Mountain with a boombox. It's pretty neat that Christian's playing a baritone on this.

02. Twenty (Half) - Halfway completed recording of song Twenty, which was originally for a compilation Fil was putting together of 20 second songs. Brian recorded this in Joey's bedroom, and we ate a lot of vegan pizza from Pumpernickel's Deli in Tenley Town. We never recorded any vocals or overdubs.

03. Twenty (Sequenced Demo) - The original electronic jam of song Twenty, composed on Fruity Loops for later collaboration.

04. Tofu Hoagie (Early Morning Mattress Jam) - Impromptu jam recording in the midst of waking up one morning at Club Vegetable in Philadelphia, where we all collectively dreamt of eating Tofu Hoagies from that convience store down the street for breakfast. And then we did. Joey's singing, Christian's playing a cymbal, Ashley's playing guitar, Adam's clapping and banging.

05. Crime (Spiritual Center Unplugged) - Oct 14th, 2006, on Adam's birthday, we were asked to play a special acoustic show in the upstairs of AU Kay Spiritual Center. We recorded it with the intention of putting it out on a CS tape, but the cymbals came out a bit too loud.

06. Swallow the Black Fabric (Spiritual Center Unplugged)

07. Riddle Me 666 (Spiritual Center Unplugged)

08. Ous We Are (Spiritual Center Unplugged)

09. The Trickery of Tom Sawyer (Spiritual Center Unplugged)

10. Crime (Halloween Cafe) - This was the first time we actually tried playing this song live, before we had all the parts worked out or even vocals. So many wrong notes. Recorded 10/31/2005 in DC at Cafe Mawonaj. It was in this recording that we heard an unintential crow caw halfway through the song, and decided to honor it on the real recording.

11. Molar Jam - The original idea for the Moth/Polar split was a 10", with 2 songs from each band on the A side, and a long song played by the collective us on the B side. Unfortunately we ran out of time to complete the long jam, but this is an early version recorded on a boombox in Tara's basement.

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